How to Remove Dip Nails at Home

Dip nails are one of the newest trends in nail salons around the country. There are multiple reasons for this, the largest being that it is much healthier for your nails than acrylic or gel nails. Another big reason is the sturdiness the dip powder brings to your nails, allowing for less chipping and longer time in between each nail appointment. 

Taking that into consideration, home dip nails removal is inevitable. This is where you can get into trouble. While it is true that dip or SNS nails are better for your nails in application, this can all be reversed with improper removal. 

If you are anything like me, as soon as signs of chipping or one broken nail happen, the entire nail set is out the window. If you can take away only one thing from this entire article, don’t fall into the urge to rip off your nails! This is not only a bad habit, but extremely damaging to your nails and can take months to recover from. 

When you rip any nail off, this tears multiple layers off your nail bed, keeping your nails brittle and weak. This defeats the entire purpose of dip nails. Dip nails are better for your nails because they do not file down layers of your nail beds in order to apply. Instead, they rely on multiple coats of powder and proper filing to create an effortless finished product. 

Another reason people are switching to dip nails is to keep your natural nails longer. Personally, this is my favorite part about dip nails. My nails are longer than ever, all thanks to dip nail application. However, as soon as you make the mistake to rip your nails off, say goodbye to your long nails. The wear of ripping multiple layers off is too much and your nails will break off. 

If you can manage to squeeze it in, set up an appointment at your nail salon as soon as you see signs of a broken or chipped nail. However, if you are not able to make that happen on such a short notice, there is a proper way how to get dip nails off. 

Proper Dip Nail Removal

You will need:  

  • Nail File
  • Acetone
  • Cotton Balls 
  • Foil (Optional)

Once you have gathered all of your items, you are ready to begin. 

1. Grab your nail file and get to work. 

The best way to shorten the removal process is to file down the first layer of your dip nails. This allows for the acetone to penetrate the dip powder fully and easily come off. This is not the way to fully remove your nails, though. Using a nail file only can be dangerous to your nail bed and your cuticles, so stick to removing the top layer of the dip only. 

2. Grab the cotton balls and acetone.

Unlike regular nail polish remover, dip nails are not a quick swipe of acetone type of removal process. You will need 10 cotton balls, one for each nail, and all of them covered in acetone. Set a cotton ball on top of each nail and get ready for step 3.

3. Grab your foil. 

Use the foil to hold the cotton balls in place on your nails. This will need to sit for quite some time, around 20 minutes. This allows the acetone to soak into the dip for a quicker removal. 

4. Remove the foil. 

After you let the acetone sit on your nails, remove the foil and swipe the cotton balls across your nails. If your nail salon applied a thinner layer of dip powder, the dip should slide off. However, if you prefer a thicker look, you will need to repeat the steps again. Just be sure to be extremely gentle with the nail file the second time around. 

Running low on cotton balls and foil? We have another option for you. 

5. File.

You will still need to file your nails down with this option, especially since this is a more difficult process. 

6. Grab a bowl and acetone.

Fill your bowl up with acetone. Soak your nails in the acetone for as long as needed until the dip powder dissolves. This process will go faster if you rub your nails in the acetone. Use a cotton ball inside the bowl to add some resistance. 

7. Repeat

Keep repeating this process until you have fully removed the dip powder. This is a longer process, but still effective if you are low on supplies. 

There you have it. The two quickest and most efficient ways on how to remove dip nails. 

It is also important to mention that unlike acrylic nails, dip nails are not fillable. The way dip nails grow can allow for moisture to get trapped under your nails and damage, so be sure to remove your dip nails at least every 4 weeks. 

After removal, you are free to give your nails a breather, or repeat the process all over again. Regardless, just do NOT rip them off! Now get inspired and go get your nails done!

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