How to Pluck Your Eyebrows Like a Pro!

We all want beautiful brows. However, there’s a reason waxing, threading, or tweezing eyebrows is a profession. Not everyone has the experience or knowledge necessary to achieve amazing-looking brows themselves. There’s art in shaping them, brushing them, and removing hair from all the right places. 

If you are looking for an affordable DIY option that will last for weeks at a time, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to pluck eyebrows like a true professional. 


Begin by gathering the following two materials: 

  • A quality pair of tweezers
  • A mirror 

Step-By-Step Guide 

1. Invest in Quality Tweezers 

Slant tip tweezers are the best when plucking eyebrows. This shape allows you to pull out even the finest of hairs. They are known for tweezing brows, facial hair, and even ingrown hairs. 

Do your research when purchasing a pair of tweezers. There are many affordable options that will offer precision and amazing brow grooming. Tweezerman is among the top brands out there, so consider one of their slanted pairs. 

2. Decide on the Shape You Want 

When it comes to the shape of your brows, you have a few options. If you can’t pinpoint the shape you want, consider your face shape: 

  • High arched brows work best for round-shaped faces.
  • Soft angled brows work well with oval-shaped faces.
  • Rounded brows look nice on heart-shaped faces. 
  • Thick, flat brows with a soft arch are ideal for square-shaped faces.
  • Curved brows will work well with diamond-shaped faces. 

The above is just a starting point. Do some research and look at images on Google or Pinterest to familiarize yourself with the different shapes. For many, selecting a brow shape is the hardest part. 

3. Pull Your Hair Back

After deciding on the brow shape you want, pull or pin back your hair. You want to be able to see your eyebrows clearly. If possible, use a vanity mirror that offers proper lighting.

4. Trim Eyebrows

Trimming your brows is easy. Brush hair straight up and trim any hairs that come up longer than the natural shape of your brow. To do so, push eyebrow hair up using an eyebrow brush. Using eyebrow scissors, trim the hair that falls outside the shape of your natural brow. 

5. Wash Face

Splashing warm water on your face will help the hair follicle relax. This means plucking will be easier and less painful. If you’ve got makeup on, remove all makeup with a gentle cleanser. Pat dry. 

6. Shape Your Brows 

There are a few ways you can shape your brows. If you want to keep your natural shape, just clean them up a bit by plucking all stray hairs. However, for a more defined look, we like to use white eyeliner. Apply some eyeliner on the hair that needs to go. Do this to both eyebrows. 

7. Start Tweezing 

Hold your skin taut and start to remove hairs. Pull in the direction of growth and remove the thicker, darker hairs first. Be sure to remove any hair on the top, bottom, and in between the brows. It’s important that what you do to one brow, you do to the other immediately after. This will guarantee an even look. 

8. Fine-Tune 

After you’ve removed all the stray hairs, go a step further and take out any hairs necessary to make brows even. Once you’re happy with the shape, get close and personal with your mirror to remove any light, fine hairs. 

9. Soothe Skin 

After you’re done plucking hairs, dust any loose hair off with a towel and apply a soothing facial moisturizer. 

10. Maintain the Shape 

To maintain the shape of your brows, tweeze them once per month. Do this after you shower or take a bath. The heat of the water will soften the hair follicles making the tweezing process a breeze. 

Final Thoughts 

The entire process of plucking eyebrows will take you 10-20 minutes, depending on the thickness of your hair. However, the time required is nothing compared to the time it takes to drive to the beauty salon, wait for your appointment, and then drive back home.

We hope you’ve found this eyebrow plucking guide useful. Happy tweezing!

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