How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to keep their hair smelling great? Whether they’re heading into work for the day or leaving the gym, their mane smells like a million bucks. 

Luckily for you, a great smelling mane is easier to achieve than you may think. And, we’re not talking about drenching it in perfume! There are much more subtle ways to make your hair smell better that will last all day long.

Wondering how to make your hair smell good? Read on for 7 easy ways that require minimal time, money, and effort!

1. Keep It Clean

The most obvious way to have fresh smelling strands is to keep them clean. You probably already do this regularly, so this method will be a piece of cake. Washing your mane regularly will eliminate any natural oils and strange smells. Greasy hair often leads to buildup, which results in not-so-great smelling hair, so make sure to keep your tresses clean. 

2. Invest in a Hair Perfume 

When we say perfume, we don’t mean the type of perfume you use to make your body smell nice. Hair perfumes are designed to give your locks a head-turning fragrance minus the damage. With a quality spritz, you won’t have to worry about the fragrance weighing down your locks. Simply spray some on your brush or comb and brush away. 

3. Start Using Scented Products 

There are several scented products on the market. These range from shampoos and conditioners to mousse and detangling products. We suggest using the same fragrance products. For instance, if you use a shampoo that smells fresh and fruity, go with a matching conditioner and mousse.

If you prefer to use unscented products, then opt for the perfume. Vice versa, if you plan to use a perfume, don’t use scented products because the different fragrances will clash. This will defeat the purpose of having a great smelling mane and instead make your hair smell funky.

4. Use a Head Wrap

This next method is great if you work around strong scents. For example, if you work around food all day, you better believe your hair will smell like food up until you shampoo it. If you have friends or co-workers that are smokers, these smells will also linger. 

Wearing a head wrap or a hair scarf are great ways to protect your strands from these strong scents. The best part? You’ll be doing it in style!

5. Wash Pillowcases and Hair Accessories 

A buildup of oils leads to a smelly mane. Just like you wash your hair to get rid of oils, you need to wash your pillowcase and accessories. This includes your headwraps, headbands, hats, scarves, and anything else you use consistently in your hair. 

Moreover, when you sleep on a dirty pillowcase, nice-smelling strands are difficult to achieve. We suggest washing your pillowcase once a week and accessories 1-2 times a month since you don’t use those every single day.

6. Keep Brushes Clean

You likely use your brush every day to detangle and comb your hair. In the process, your brush is becoming filled with oils, residue, and leftover products. Some of these oils include dirt and pollution that can be damaging to your scalp.

To keep your brushes clean, remove any hair that gets stuck within the bristles. Do this after every use. Also, every now and then, soak it in some soap and warm water to clean it. Set out to dry and spritz with some of your perfume before using it to make your hair smell better.

7. Use Dry Shampoo 

A great way to soak up excess oils without washing your mane regularly is using dry shampoo. This product keeps strands looking and smelling fresh. Just make sure you’re using it correctly; otherwise, you’ll be left with white streaks in your hair. Also, because it’s not meant to replace regular shampoo, don’t use it more than three times per week.

Wrap Up 

There is nothing like leaving a nice aroma behind you as you walk. You can achieve this by caring for your hair and using the methods listed above. 

You’ll notice that great smelling hair revolves around clean hair. Make sure you keep your locks, accessories, and pillowcase clean as much as you can. And if you need a helping hand, use hair perfume, scented products, or dry shampoo. 

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