How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer: 5 Easy Steps

  1. Clean and Brush: While it might not seem like it would make a large difference, cleaning and brushing through your lashes everyday can help extend eyelash extensions lifespan significantly. Be sure to use a cleaner tailored to eyelashes as well as a specific eyelash brush. Gently clean the lashes with the solution and carefully brush them through afterwards.

    This will ensure that nothing gets stuck in the lashes, weighing them down or causing them to get caught and fall out. It also helps keep them looking fresh and new for the next day as if you walked right out of the lash studio. 

  2. Lighter Lashes: Another helpful tip is to opt for lighter eyelash extensions. This means rather than doubling or even tripling the amount of lashes you have, deciding on a more natural look. This will help ease the drastic difference when lashes start to fall out and it doesn’t need as much maintenance as it is easier to maintain less lashes.

    While giant, full lushes had their moment of fame, natural lashes and natural beauty in general never goes out of style, so opt for this if at all possible! 

  3. Eyelash Shape: While all lash styles have their perks, deciding on a lash shape that mimics your natural shape will help defer the struggles of lashes falling out. Not only will this help with appearances by looking more natural, it is easier to brush through, has less resistance on your lashes, and in result, will have less fallout.

    Talk to your lash specialist on finding the eyelash shape that best suits you if you aren’t sure where to start! No one knows better than the ones who work with lashes all day everyday! 

  4. Use an Eyelash Sealant: This might be an unfamiliar product, but eyelash sealants can work wonders on your eyelash lifespan. All you need to do is apply the sealant to your eyelashes every morning or night. This is the extra hold for your lashes to take on the day ahead. It is formulated to help glue the lash extensions to your natural lashes for short spans of times, hence the reapplication everyday.

    There are lots of options on the market, so do your research on what products work the best and can fit your specific needs. Remember, typically the cheaper the product, the cheaper the results. You get what you pay for! 

  5. Change your Sleeping Position: Another one of the reasons your lashes might be falling out before you would like is the way you are sleeping! Try sleeping on your back rather than your stomach. This removes the possibility of your lashes getting pulled by your pillow.

    For some of you, like myself, this might be a lifelong habit that will be quite difficult to break. Try your best to be as mindful as possible, and switch over to your side if need be. Any position is better for your lashes than your stomach. Side tip: it’s also better for your back, so whether you have lash extensions or not, opt for another sleeping position! 

There you have it: the big five. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other smaller care tips that can help. It is always smart to be more gentle with your eyes. Not only are they delicate for your lashes, but the skin around your eyes is extremely thin and, in turn, extremely delicate. 

Also, refilling your lashes when it is time can help your lashes last longer and look better down the line. So, even though you are following these big five tips, don’t overdo it. When it looks like you are in need of a refill, take the time and spend it investing in yourself. A self care day never hurts anyone! 

I hope this gives you some direction and a new trick on how to keep eyelash extensions longer if you are getting eyelash extensions for the first time or even if you’ve had eyelash extensions for years. Be sure to check out some of our other articles about lash alternatives if you have been using lash extensions for years. It is always nice to give your lashes a break and opt for natural lashes every once in a while. 

Now head to your lash studio or home and start applying these tips and tricks to your daily routine!

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