How To Loosen Tight Braids

If you’ve ever tried braiding your hair, then you know that it can be an entire ordeal to get it just right. I’m going to let you in on a little secret that completely changed the way I execute braids. Hopefully it will have the same effect for you. More than likely, if something feels off about the overall look, you probably have the braids too tight. Don’t worry, though. This is easily fixable. I am going to show you how to loosen tight braids to ensure that your hard work gets that maximum effect. 

This can also be a painful ordeal if you do keep your hair tightly braided often, or rock box braids. It can cause hair breakage and even hair loss if you aren’t careful, so whether it be a practicality or looks dilemma, looser braids are always the way to go. 

Tips and Tricks

So what are the best ways to accomplish this without jeopardizing the overall look? Here are a few of the most useful tips and tricks I have found that work the best: 

1. Use a Pencil or Comb

First and foremost, you can always relieve the tension with a pencil or comb. Be careful to only loosen in small increments. You don’t want to ruin your gorgeous locks. This will help relieve pain as well as give your scalp a break from the tight strain braids put on it. Get as close to the scalp as possible and gently wiggle until you start to feel some relief. 

2. Massage your Scalp

The next option is beneficial and a bit of self love mixed into one. Giving yourself a gentle head massage can also get the job done. This relieves pressure, feels great, and can get the blood circulating at the top of your head which can help with hair growth and overall mood. If you have longer nails, be careful not to knick your hair while massaging it and pull out strands of hair. Paying attention is key when you are loosening tight braids. 

3. Moisture

When you style your hair into these intricate and beautiful looks, your scalp is exposed and vulnerable more than ever. That means that moisture should be at the forefront of your priorities when it comes to haircare. Grab a leave-in conditioner, spray, or oil and rub it onto the areas of your scalp that need some extra love. Imagine this as a cool drink of water than your scalp needs to get back to work rocking your fabulous braids. Strengthening your scalp will help lessen the pain and discomfort as well. 

4. Braid Spray

Surprisingly enough, this issue is not a new concept. That being said, there are products on the market specifically for this dilemma. One of those products is braid spray. Spray it directly onto your head in the areas that need loosening. This will soften the hair and relieve your scalp from any dryness or irritation in one sweep. Softening the hair will help loosen the braid without worrying about over loosening or knicking your hair and creating a less than ideal dilemma. This is a great option if you rock this hairstyle often rather than a one time ordeal. 

5. Warm Water

Lastly, when all else falls, warm water will always do the trick. The ultimate relief. Soak your hair in warm water to loosen the entire strand and keep the braid even the entire way down. Whether you are rocking standard box braids or even knotless braids, warm water will work wonders. Just be sure to keep the temperature warm rather than extremely hot to help prevent any damage. 


You can also add in a few drops of essential oils for any of these options to leave your scalp feeling good and smelling good all in one. Try a calming oil such as lavender to double as a nice smell and work to ease your nerves or anxiety. All of us can use a bit more of that. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you hold out on your beautiful look a tad bit longer, but in the end, if you are in pain and worried about damaging your hair, a few extra days of style is not worth it. Cut the cord, or braid for this matter, and take them out! “Beauty is pain” does not have to be our reality! 

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