How To Lighten Your Eyebrows in 4 Easy Steps

There are loads of ways that people are altering their eyebrows: brow tinting, microblading, and even brow lamination. However, in most of these scenarios, the goal is to darken your natural brows. What happens when the goal is the opposite? What are the steps to lightening eyebrows, and why would you want to make your eyebrows lighter? 

These are some valid questions, and I have the answers for you. If you are looking for a more bold and daring look such as bleached brows or trying to match your brows to your lighter hair color, then lightening eyebrows would be a great choice. 

How do you go about this, though? Here is a quick 5 step process to achieving lighter brows in no time: 

1. Determine Which Method 

First and foremost, you will need to decide the level of extremity that you need to go to achieve your look. For example, if you have dark brown or black eyebrows, then adding a lighter powder isn’t going to cut it for achieving lighter brows. In fact, it’s going to make your brows look grey or sloppy. On the other hand, if you already have light brown or dirty blonde brows, then adding a slightly lighter shade won’t be too difficult. 

Rule of thumb light brown is the darkest shade you can go without adding bleach to the brows to achieve a lighter look. Vice versa, brown or darker is much too intense to try powders to get a lighter look. For us brunette bunch, be ready to bleach your brows if you are really looking for a lighter look. 

2. Lighter Shade

If you fall into the first category with naturally light brown or dirty blonde brows, then you are in luck. You can get away with finding a shade or two lighter than your natural color and applying this onto your brows. If you are wanting a more extreme option, try adding some concealer on the eyebrow before the powder to make the color pop. 

Be sure to apply small amounts of concealer on the brow, so you don’t end up looking cakey. Less is always more when it comes to a product. You can also try a tinted gel if you prefer liquid over powder. This has the same effect, but will likely need to be paired with concealer application. 

3. Darker Shade

If you fall into the darker shade category, get ready for the bleach. This isn’t near as intimidating as you think, though! Bleaching your brows is much less intense than bleaching your entire head, so before you get too worked up, you can relax a tad. 

Grab a face hair bleach kit. These can be found at your local beauty store or drugstore, even. Pour out a bit of the activator, this is going to look like a powdery white substance. Grab the applicator and mix it with the cream bleach to get a thick consistency. 

Apply this onto your eyebrows as evenly as possible. There should be a thick layer over the entire area for the best results. Let this sit for 2 to 3 minutes. Grab a cloth and wipe away the bleach. Be sure to get every bit of the bleach off as quickly as possible to get an even look. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the color and want to go even lighter, you can repeat the process, leaving the bleach on for a minute and a half. Wash your face with cleanser and apply moisturizer all over your face, including your brows. Your face is going to need lots of moisture put back into it. 

4. In Between

So what if you fall into the darker brow category, but you don’t want completely bleach blonde brows. Don’t worry, you can find a good medium solution. You will still need to bleach your brows like in step 3. However, after you have bleached them, you can either go in with the desired color in dye or a powder. 

If you are looking for a more permanent option, try dying your brows. However, if you like the versatility of being able to switch up the color, you can try a powder or tinted gel to let you change it up depending on the day. Just be sure to be precise with either option for a clean look. 

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