How to Grow Out Your Natural Hair Color

Did you change your hair color a few years back and feel like it’s finally time to go naturale? 

Many of us have a turning point in our lives where we just want to grow out our natural hair color, wave goodbye to expensive salon bills, and have a healthy change of pace. There is something very refreshing about resetting and going back to normal. 

If you think you need to wait years for your locks to get back to their natural color, think again! We’ll cover some ways to eliminate your dye and embrace your natural hair color in this guide.

1. Try Ombré

If you have highlights, the best route is to embrace the ombre look. You’ll eventually get all the dye out as your hair grows, and you get your regular haircuts. 

Now, if you’re set on having it all go, replace those highlights with lowlights. Choose a shade that’s close to your natural hair color. Get your lowlights touched up every 6-12 weeks until they’ve all disappeared. 

We don’t recommend dying your entire head of hair because this is just going to cause damage to your locks. Part of the natural look is that healthy look and feel. Have your stylist work with your lowlights to return your hair to its natural state. This is the healthiest way to do so if you have highlights.

2. Grow, Then Tint!

Is your hair currently a lighter shade than its natural color? If so, this will require a bit more work than dealing with highlights. The good news is, it’s not complicated! 

First things first, let your locks grow out for 2-3 months. This doesn’t require anything on your part except to wait. At this point, it will be clear what your natural color is, and your stylist will know exactly what color they’re working with. 

What will happen next is your stylist will do a “tint back.” This is the process of getting your dyed locks back to their natural color (or as close as possible). The process includes using a filler like a semi or demi-permanent color. This is applied before the permanent dye. Its purpose is to replace the missing pigments that your dark hair will require. 

It’s important to go to a professional for your tint back to ensure an even hair tone. If you do it yourself and make a mistake, you’ll end up spending more money to fix your mistake as opposed to going with a professional stylist.

3. Go to a Professional

Let’s say you have naturally light locks but dyed it a dark brown or black. You could wait and grow out your natural color; however, we don’t think you’ll like how uneven your hair is going to look a few months from now. 

Depending on the health and color of your locks, it may require a few color appointments to achieve the right tones. We encourage you to work with your stylist to make sure you’re going naturale in the best way possible. Good things take time, and this holds true in this scenario! 

Tresses that have been darkened will also require a tint back, but the process is slightly different. You will want to grow your hair for 2-3 months and then schedule an appointment with a professional. Since you can’t put a lighter color over a dark one, your stylist will need to remove the dark color by lightening your hair. This will usually include a color remover application. 

Once the dark color has been lifted, a toner will be applied. Your stylist will then tint your hair, and you’ll have to let it grow. While your hair will appear to be back to its natural state, understand it is color-treated, so you’ll need to treat it as such. 

How Long Will It Take For My Hair to Grow Back? 

Hair grows about a half-inch per month. If you want long tresses, it will take a few years before they are completely “natural” again. The process of growing out your natural hair is time-consuming. However, see it as a way to experiment with different hairstyles. 

4. Embrace the Gray

The final tip we’ll share in this ‘how to go back to your natural hair color’ guide is to embrace your natural color – even if that color is grey! It’s very difficult to find a grey shade that will match your natural grey. The grow-out process can be long, but it is so worth it. We suggest you cut your hair often and keep it short to really rock that gray look.


Grow out your natural hair color by keeping the above four tips in mind. Try an ombre hairstyle, tint your hair, go see a professional, or embrace your gray locks. Everyone’s hair is different. We hope you’ve found the solution to your hair right here with us!

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