How to Get Smooth Skin: 5 Proven Methods

I think we can all agree that everyone craves to have the infamous smooth and soft skin so many have that seems to be impossible to obtain. Whether you’ve tried every cream under the sun, followed every how-to video, or stuck with your skincare routine, nothing seems to work. I am right there with you, but I think I have finally found the perfect method to achieve smoother skin. 

I’m sure you’re a bit skeptical, but bear with me. I am going to explain the top 5 proven methods on how to get smooth skin and how to get soft skin. Double trouble. Follow these methods, and I’m sure you will start seeing results! 

  1. Exfoliate: This seems to be the answer to any skin issue. However, exfoliation can be the most damaging or helpful tool when used in the wrong or correct ways. You need to be very careful with this method. Over exfoliation can cause skin irritation which can lead to roughness and breakouts. However, there are gentle exfoliators formulated to chemically exfoliate the skin rather than relying on harsh scrubbing which have much better results.

    Do your research as always to find the best exfoliators for your skin type to be fully prepared. Exfoliating can be a game-changer when done correctly, so don’t skip this step.

  2. Hydrate: I know. Almost every supermodel with flawless skin seems to give this answer to perfect skin, but it is true! Water helps keep your body hydrated which keeps your body functioning at its best. Mixing this with the other steps is key. So now, water is not the only answer, but it is a piece of the puzzle. Thanks, Kendall Jenner. You weren’t totally off.

    Another way to hydrate your skin is to add a humidifier to your home. I like to turn it on in my bedroom while I’m sleeping. This gives me the most exposure to it and also works as a bit of white noise for those of us who don’t do so well with silence. This locks in moisture into your skin externally rather than internally with water. 

  3. Moisturize: The key to this step is to find the moisturizer that fits your skin. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination, you still need a moisturizer. If your skin is oily, it actually can be because your body is trying to provide the moisture it is craving, so moisturizer might solve this issue as well. Talk to your dermatologist for the best options for you when it comes to moisturizer as there are so many options with unique qualities that can suit some better than others.
  4. SPF: People are finally realizing how much sunscreen can make or break your skin. The sun is the number one reason for skin damage, so if you don’t have that perfectly smooth and soft skin you want, examine whether you are applying SPF everyday, rain or shine. This means including SPF application into your morning routine and sticking to it. I promise you will be thanking me when your friends begin to age and you simply don’t!

    If you are worried about the harmful aftermath of steering clear of the sun, another helpful addition to your skin is adding Vitamin C into your skincare routine. This way, you still reep the benefits of the sunshine without the aging and skin damage that comes along with it. Add this step along with your SPF in your daily routine and things will start looking smoother in no time! 

  5. Retinol: Lastly, Retinol is a miracle worker on skin. This is made to produce collagen which, as I’ve spoken about in plenty of other articles, is what keeps our skin vibrant and youthful. Retinol is known to help reverse or slow down wrinkling on top of smoothing out your skin. I think it is safe to say none of us would be complaining about looking more vibrant and youthful.

    The kicker with retinol is that it shouldn’t be mixed with certain other skincare products, so research this beforehand. It also goes a long way, so don’t overwhelm your skin with buckets of retinol packed on. Let the small amounts do their magic and see how your results start flooding in! 

Each of these methods can be used together to help achieve smoother skin, so don’t rule any of them out! An all-around skincare routine is the only way to have lasting results and truly heal your skin. 

While these are great tools to add to your skin routine, be sure to check out my other articles to accumulate a more rounded skincare routine that can address smooth skin, aging, and cleaning in one swipe.  So do your research, learn about your own skin, and get to it! Smoother skin is just around the corner! 

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