Knee Wrinkles: How To Get Rid of Kninkles

Knee Wrinkles: How To Get Rid of Kninkles

Knee wrinkles might not be the first place you think to check for wrinkles, but they are something many people struggle with surprisingly. So what causes knee wrinkles? How do you get rid of them? There are a lot of questions, I’m sure. 

Luckily, I’m going to answer all of your questions, so you can kiss this subject of insecurity goodbye! Whether you are younger, older, going through a dramatic weight change, or another stage of life, you don’t have to worry about knee wrinkles ruining your day. Let’s jump in. 

What Causes Knee Wrinkles?

Knee wrinkles also known as kninkles can happen a few different ways. The most common being aging. Yes, wrinkles from aging can happen in the least expected places, even our knees. As our body changes during this phase of life, our skin can’t keep up. The unfortunate result is wrinkly knees. 

Another common cause is significant weight loss. While this is an amazing accomplishment to better your health, it often leaves you with extra skin which can give knuckles as a result. But don’t worry, there are a few ways to help combat this concern. Whether you fit into one of these two categories as your cause of wrinkles or have another outlying reason, you can work getting rid of them a few different ways. 

How to Get Rid of Knee Wrinkles

There are many approaches to tackling kninkles. Here are the most effective solutions: 

1. Fillers

Fillers are always an option. This means injecting some form of filler into your knees to reduce the sagging. The two most successful forms of this are Radiesse and Sculptra. The unique quality about these two types of fillers is that they stimulate collagen growth which can help restore natural youth back to your knees. 

These are often used for older individuals who have thinner or more frail skin to help give some plumpness back. Give life back to your knees. Who would’ve thought? 

2. Thread Lift

Another option is a thread life, which sounds a bit scarier when it is described, but it is minimally invasive. These insert dissolving threads under the skin that use cones to attach to the skin, giving a lift and help produce collagen to give youth back to your knees. 

While this is a bit more invasive than some other options, it does have great results, so if you’re ready for a dramatic change, look into this option. 

3. Skin Tightening

Another option that might seem the most logical for those with no background on the area is skin tightening procedures. There are a few different options. The two most effective I have found are Thermage and Exilis Ultra. Both have their own unique ways of getting good results. 

Thermage uses radiofrequency to tighten the skin fully. Exilis Ultra uses radiofrequency mixed with ultrasound energy in order to get the same results. The nice thing about both of these options is that they work for all skin types and are non invasive, so it’s a good alternative that doesn’t cause as much anxiety pre-procedure. 

4. DermaRoller

Lastly, a less intense option to help reverse the effects and prevent it from getting worse is adding dermarolling into your daily routine. This is a roller with tiny needles built into it. This is a lot less painful than I’m sure you’re thinking right now. 

The needles are small enough that it doesn’t break the skin, but helps stimulate collagen growth and elastin which are vital to giving the youthful appearance as I’m sure you are catching onto from each of these options. This is great for someone who doesn’t want to go out of their way to get a specific procedure done, but wants to do something to get the ball rolling. 

You can buy a dermaroller for quite cheap online and start adding this into your routine asap, so if you’re looking for a quick solution with little to no risk, this is a great option. 


Whichever option you decide, remember that prevention is just as important as anything, so be aware of the causes of this and ways to help prevent the effects from worsening to get the best outcome. Grab a dermaroller or find a professional who can help find the perfect procedure for you!

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