How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair in 4 Simple Steps!

Whether you have struggles with frizzy hair or just have a bad hair day ever so often, you know that frizzy hair is one of the biggest bummers to your mood. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect outfit, working for an hour to perfect your hairstyle for the night, and stepping outside with a big ball of frizz on your head. 

It can also be very difficult to fix. Lucky for you, I have done all the research and found how to stop frizzy hair without any stress or trial and error. By the end of this article, you will be more than prepared to tackle your frizzy hair head on, so let’s not waste anymore time! Let’s jump in. 


Before we can address how to fix frizzy hair, we need to learn about the causes of frizzy hair. Here are the top reasons for frizzy hair: 

1. Heat

Heat can cause frizz in multiple ways. Sun damage is the first way this can happen. While getting our Vitamin D in for the day is great, it can also significantly damage your hair. Another way to hurt your hair with heat is by using heat tools on your hair repeatedly. This can give our hair less strength against frizz. 

2. Lack of Moisture

The most common issue with frizz is a lack of moisture. If your hair lacks moisture, you can almost guarantee that you will struggle with frizz. When your hair is dry, it is starving for the moisture in the hair, hence the frizz. 

3. Damage

Damaged hair is the breeding grounds for frizz. When your hair is damaged, it can be dry and form loads of split ends. If not treated, those split ends can make their way up your hair to cause fraying throughout your entire hair. This is where frizz come in. Fraying makes your hair extremely susceptible to frizz in conditions that healthy hair wouldn’t. 

4. Improper Hair Care

Giving your hair the wrong type of care even if it’s with good intentions is a huge way to cause frizz. Overwashing your hair can strip your hair of natural oils and lead to the issue we face in point number two: lack of moisture. There also is a problem when people use the wrong types of products for their hair type. This can damage your hair rather than help it. 


Here is how to get rid of frizzy hair in only 4 simple steps: 

1. Protect your Hair

First things first, start implementing protective routines for your hair. Add a heat protectant everyday, whether you are using heat tools or not. You can also give your hair a break from the heat tools for a bit. Let your hair air dry for a change, I promise you will see results with the quality of your hair. 

You can also wear hats or scarves to protect your hair from the sun. Even on rainy days, the sun is still extremely powerful, so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry . 

2. Learn Hair Care

Next, learn the proper hair care for your hair type. Try washing your hair less, while still conditioning regularly. This will help your hair retain all the moisture possible. You can also add in products meant for your hair such as curly, straight, or texture specific shampoo and conditioner. 

3. Get a Haircut

When all else fails, nothing does the trick like a good chop. Say goodbye to those dead ends before they start moving up in your hair. Instead of arguing with your hairstylist over those inches she wants to take off, let her work her magic. It’s always nice to have a new look for a change, why not give your hair that extra love and take the leap? 

4. Moisturize

Lastly, give your hair that much needed moisture. There are a few ways to do this. First, implement a hair mask into your routine. This should be done about once a week. Let the mask sit in your hair after you shampoo for 15 minutes before rinsing it out. Think of this as the weekly check in with your hair’s moisture.

You can also add a leave-in conditioner or hair oil after your shower to help keep your hair moisturized until the next shower. These do wonders for moisture. 

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