How To Do Space Buns In 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking for a new style to switch it up from your everyday ponytail or bun? Space buns are the perfect solution. Not only are they fun, fresh, and flattering for all face shapes, but they are super simple to accomplish. All you need is a little patience and some expertise from your personal hair stylist! Lucky for you, I am on the job and ready to give you the quick and simple step by step guide on how to do twin buns for your next night out. 

The space buns hairstyle is actually quite easy to complete. All is takes is 5 steps, so let’s get into it:

1. Prep

Before anything, we always need to make sure that we have the supplies. To execute the space buns look, you will need two ponytail holders, some body pins, a teasing brush, and optional hair spray or gel. Depending on your hair type, you’ll need to grab a looser or tighter ponytail holder and hair spray or gel to fit your hair type. Always look for bobby pins that match the color of your hair. While there is a time and place for bright 

2. Middle Part

For those that don’t opt for a middle part everyday, no might be a gut reaction to the dreaded middle part, but I promise a middle part is a critical part of space buns. It also looks much different than having your hair down fully, so give it a try. Grab a pointed brush and find the center of your nose. Trace up until you hit your hairline. This is the most effective way to ensure your part is directly down the middle. 

3. Tease

This is the secret to making space buns work. The art of teasing is a bit of a learning curve, but when it is perfected, it is the difference between voluminous buns that last all day or a total hair bust. Grab your teasing brush and start about halfway down on your hair. Start from the top to the bottom, getting as much volume as possible. It will look a little crazy, but trust the process. The bigger the tease, the more effective the buns. 

If you have thin or overly smooth hair, you can add in some dry shampoo or texture spray to help keep your buns intact. This is a miracle worker for even those who swear teasing is not an option for them. 

4. Two ponytails

Next , smooth your two sections of hair back into a ponytail. Use your brush to get any bumps out when pulling it back. I like to keep the ponytail decently tight, but you can choose looser or tighter depending on your hairstyle. If you like pulling face framing hairs down, the looser look is the better choice. Just be sure it’s tight enough to stay in place all day long. 

5. Twist and Pin

Last but not least, the magic moment. Grab a ponytail and loosely wrap it around until it forms a bun. Hopefully, it should be a good size from your teasing. Grab your bobby pins and use one or two to secure the bun in place. When using the bobby pins, be sure to put the rigid side down rather than up. This is a common mistake. The ridges are actually meant to help secure your hair. If you aren’t confident in your bun feeling secure, add another bobby pin. Repeat this as evenly as possible to the other side and voila! You have a secure and simple space bun!

If you are prone to frizz, fly aways, or baby hairs that refuse to stay down, you can add some hair spray or gel to keep them in place. I always suggest a gel for the best results, just be sure that the gel fits your hair type, or you could run into thick and rough edges. 


Now that you are a space buns pro, you can rock this look for your next day at brunch with the girls or date night. You can also try half up half down space buns if you want a variation. Just put half of your hair into two ponytails rather than all of it. Experiment and let your creative juices flow! 

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