What Is My Eye Shape? How To Determine Your Eye Shape

We have all wondered once or twice “what eye shape do I have?” Learning about our specific eye shape can be quite useful even if we don’t realize. This can help us know what makeup routines will work better for us, what glasses would look more flattering, and just give us an overall familiarity with our face. However, there are many different eye shapes, so many people don’t know how to self diagnose their unique eye shape. 

Lucky for you, I have a simple list of each shape of eye with easy indicators on the key differences of each. This way you can self diagnose your eye shape and find the best options that will fit you when it comes to makeup, glasses, and more. There are many types of eye shapes, so let’s not waste any time. 

1. Almond

Almond eyes look like their name: the almond nut. They turn up slightly at the ends and resemble an almond shape overall. They also have an iris that will touch the top and bottom of your eyelid, so no white should be showing on either the top or bottom of your eye. This eye shape does great with eyeliner looks and more dominant eyeshadow trends. 

2. Round

Round eyes are extremely prominent on the face. Unlike almond eyes, they have white surrounding the iris all the way around. This makes for a unique look that allows the color of the eye to shine through. As far as makeup goes, round eyes do better with looks that help close some of the space such as a cat eye or liner on the water line. Unlike others, it doesn’t drown out the eye. 

3. Monolid

Monolid is pretty self explanatory. Instead of having a crease creating a top and bottom lid, there is just one lid. This is dominant in Asian features, but can be exhibited in other people groups as well. Monolids do well when paired with long lashes. Try grabbing a pair of false lashes and watch your eye’s transformation. 

Monolids have to be careful like a few other options such as hooded and almond, not to overdo the makeup look. Since their lids are smaller and they’re eyes are actually smaller as well, it is better to stick with one dominant feature, such as lashes, and run with it. 

4. Downturned 

Downturned and unturned eyes are pretty simple to determine. For downturned, draw a line across your eye metaphorically and determine if your outer corner is lower than the rest. If so, then you have downturned eyes. This eye shape works well with smokey eyes and upward liners such as a cat eye. The goal is to offset the droopy component of downward turned eyes. Add lighter shades to the inside of the eyes and transition into a smokey eye with darker shades on the outer corner. 

5. Upturned

Upturned eyes are the exact opposite. If your invisible line goes up towards the outer corner, then you have upturned eyes. There are lots of people that envy this eye shape because it has loads of options in terms of makeup looks. Liners, bold colors, and even heavy mascara on the bottom lids all look great with upturned eyes. 

Be sure to focus on the differentiation of upturned and almond. Almond shaped eyes are much less dramatically upward than standard upturned eyes. Almond eyes also have a more narrow opening than upturned. The large opening of the eye is what makes for easier makeup looks. 

6. Hooded

As a hooded eye gal myself, this is an eye shape I am very familiar with. Hooded eye ladies and gents can have it quite difficult with makeup looks if they are not focusing on hooded eye tutorials. The reason being is that hooded eye creases cover most if not all of their eyelids. This is not an aging issue, but a specific eye shape. 

Because of this, hooded eyes don’t do as well with thick liners or eyeshadow looks that involve large lids. Even though they do have a crease unlike a monolid, the lid cannot be seen when their eyes are opened. However, there is hope. There are loads of great eyeshadow tutorials to give the appearance of larger and brighter eyelids for hooded eyes. 

Now that you have all the information you need, be sure to check out my other articles on tips and tricks for different eye makeup options that can help elevate your makeup look! Give these tips and tricks a try and see if any of these eye shape specific makeup tips do well for you. 

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