How Often Can You Spray Tan?

Spray tans offer a great alternative to soaking in the sun all day. Not all of us have this luxury, especially during the colder months. Not to mention, exposing our skin to the sun for hours at a time can be very damaging. 

When this is the case, you can rely on spray tans to save the day. However, it’s true that too much of anything can be bad for you. Is this true for spray tans? If so, your next question probably is: Well, how often can I spray tan? 

Read on to learn the answer to this question, along with a few other frequently asked q’s. 

How Often Can I Spray Tan?

Spray tans can be addicting – after all, they offer a fast way to get bronzed that doesn’t involve exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. But we all know that too much of anything can be a bad thing. Does this apply to spray tans? Yes and no. While they won’t affect your health, tanning too often means you’ll have a build-up of tanning solution. This means your glow won’t look as good as it usually does. 

Instead, learn how to maintain your tan in between appointments. There are a few ways to do this, including: 

  • Moisturize. A day or two after your spray appointment, start moisturizing. This will keep your skin hydrated, happy, and tan! Spray tans can hold longer on hydrated skin – we recommended going with a moisturizer that’s oil and fragrance free.
  • Use the Right Body Wash. A body wash that is oil-free and as natural as possible will help maintain your glow. Also, avoid very hot waters and don’t shower immediately after your tanning appointment. Wait at least 4 hours. 
  • Exfoliate. Always exfoliate before your next appointment. This will remove dead cells and get your skin ready for the fresh coat of tan. When you don’t exfoliate, you run the risk of having patchy and uneven tones.

Now, back to the question on hand: How often can I spray tan? The answer depends on how well you take care of your tan. It’s recommended to schedule an appointment every 9-12 days to maintain your glow. On top of that, make sure to maintain your look by following the tips listed above.

Are Spray Tans Safe? 

Yes, spray tanning is completely safe and a much better alternative than tanning beds or sun tanning. The three main benfirst of spray tanning include:

  • No exposure to harsh UV rays 
  • Includes skin-enhancing ingredients 
  • No skin cancer risks 

Tanning beds and sun exposure on the other hand can cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and increase the chances of skin cancer. 

Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant? 

Being an expecting mother means you need to take extra precautions. This includes tanning! Always consult with your doctor before attending a spray tan appointment. And, even though spray tan ingredients are FDA-approved, wear a mouth and eye covering during your appointment to prevent inhaling any harmful toxins. 

How Can I Best Prepare For My Spray Tan Appointment? 

If this is your first time getting a spray tan, you’ll want to know these tips to prepare before, during, and after: 

  • Wear Loose Fitting Clothing. Wearing jeans, leggings, or sneakers can mess up your tan. Instead, walk into your appointment wearing loose shorts and a tee or better yet, a t-shirt dress.
  • Ditch the Undergarments! If possible, don’t wear undies or a bra for a few hours after your tan to avoid messing up your newly bronzed skin.
  • Don’t Shower Right Away. You need to avoid any type of moisture for at least 4 hours after your appointment. This includes showering, working out, or applying liquid foundation. 
  • Wear Sunscreen. Protect your tan by wearing sunscreen every time you’re outdoors. This will protect both your tan and your skin.
  • Avoid Hot Water. This may be one of the hardest tips if you’re a lover of hot showers. Hot water can diminish the glow of your tan. Instead, opt for short, cool showers.

Make the Most of Your Tan 

Keeping the above in mind will help you make the most of your weekly spray tan. If you’re wondering how often you should spray tan, the answer is every 9-12 days. Following the tips in this guide will not only make your tan last longer but prepare your skin for the next appointment. Happy bronzing, beautiful! 

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