How does good skin look like?

Good skin looks healthy, clear and free of blemishes. It is usually smooth, firm and plump with an even tone.
Achieving good skin can be a challenge, especially in today’s environment of air pollution and stress. It is important to develop and maintain a well-rounded skincare routine that works for you.

The first step to getting good skin is a thorough cleansing regimen. Cleanse your face twice daily; morning and night with lukewarm water and gentle cleansers formulated for your particular skin type – normal, oily or dry. This helps remove excess oil, dirt and bacteria from the surface of the skin which can cause acne breakouts or other issues if left unattended. Following up with toner will help balance out the pH levels on your face while providing additional benefits such as reducing redness or irritation caused by environmental elements like sun exposure or windburned cheeks.

To further protect against damage from outside sources it’s important to use sunscreen every day, even if you don’t plan on spending any time outdoors – UVA/UVB rays still pass through windows! Make sure it has an SPF rating of at least 30 so that it offers adequate protection against harmful radiation that can age your skin prematurely over time (not just immediately after being exposed). If possible also look for products containing antioxidants such as green tea extract which offer additional protection from free radicals generated by pollution in our atmosphere.

Finally, moisturizing is key when developing an effective skincare routine because hydration plays a large part in keeping our faces looking healthy and glowing! Choose lotions specifically made for either oily or dry skins depending on what suits yours best then apply generously throughout the day whenever needed — this will help keep wrinkles at bay while keeping those annoying flakes away too! Gentle exfoliation once per week using facial scrubs designed specifically for this purpose will help remove dead cells leaving behind more radiant looking complexion overall

• Cleanse your face twice daily to remove dirt, oil and bacteria from the surface.
• Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day for maximum protection against UVA/UVB rays.
• Moisturize regularly and exfoliate once per week to keep skin looking healthy, hydrated and glowing!

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