How Do Foot Peels Work?

While there are loads of ways to practice proper foot care, one of the growing trends is something known as a foot peel. For those unfamiliar with this concept, it can be a bit confusing. How do foot peels work? What is a foot peel? Why is this a better option over a standard pedicure? 

There are a lot of questions to unpack. And I am going to address each and every one of them to ensure that you have a full understanding of all there is to know about foot peels. First and foremost, let’s get a bit of background on what a foot peel is and where this strange technique originated. 


So what do foot peels do? Foot peels began as a Japanese trend that is meant to exfoliate your feet with a peel that you put on to cause a reaction that will peel away all the dead skin from your feet over the next few days. While this might sound a bit alarming or confusing, it results in baby soft feet that had celebrities and skincare lovers alike giving this a shot. 

Like I said, a foot peel is applied to the feet. No matter the brand, as many other companies copied the original Japanese brand after they saw the wild success it was having, the packaging comes in two pockets filled with the necessary ingredients to set your feet inside. Do not expect your skin to start peeling immediately. I can take a few days or even a week to complete the peeling process. 

That being said, when you do start seeing results, it’s going to be dramatic. Don’t be alarmed when your feet look like a mummy for a few days. Still want to give this a try? Here is a quick step by step that I have found to make this unique process as easy as possible. 

How to Use a Foot Peel

Like I mentioned, each brand is going to be slightly different. This step by step guide is just going to give you an idea of how the process will work. Always check the instructions and adjust the steps as needed. 

1. Clean Feet

You always want to start with a clean canvas. Make sure that your feet are fully clean before beginning. Take a shower, soak them in a pedicure tub, or wipe them down with a wet rag. Make sure that they are clean and exfoliated as much as possible prior to the peel. I like to use a dry brush and scrub them well to ensure any loose dry skin is removed before I even begin. 

2. Get your supplies. 

You are going to need a few things. Grab your foot peel, first and foremost. Grab some thick socks. This will help hold everything in place. And grab a seat with something to keep you occupied for 10-15 minutes or more while you wait on the peel to finish. 

3. Put on the Peel

The moment of truth. Put your feet inside the foot peel. Think of it like a glove mixed with a face mask, but for your feet. There’s going to be a peel concoction inside the pockets, so be careful to hold them upright when sliding your foot in. There is typically a tie or tape that will hold the peel in place semi-securely. Work one foot at a time. Follow to step 4 before returning to this step for the other foot. This will ensure less spilling and less stress for you. 

4. Socks

When you get the first pocket on, grab one of your socks. I like to use fuzzy socks, but any tight socks will do. Slide the sock over the outside of the peel already on your feet. This will assist the tie to keep your peel in place and make you feel a tad more cozy while you wait for the process to complete. Add the other peel, then repeat the process for the other foot. 

5. Wait 

Last but not least. Wait the correct amount of time. What happens if you leave the foot peel on too long, you may ask? Well, it’s safe to say it won’t be ideal. There are intense acids and other ingredients designed to strip away dead skin. Last thing you need is for this to fester on your skin longer than needed. Stick to the assigned time, then take the peels off! Simple enough. Wait for the skin to begin the peeling process in a few days and you are all set for smooth feet! 

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