Does serum go on wet or dry hair?

It is recommended to apply serum to damp (not wet) hair, then style as usual.
Using a serum on damp hair allows the product to penetrate into the shaft of your hair, giving it more hydration and nourishment. It is important to start with damp (not wet) hair because if you apply serum directly onto wet or heavily saturated strands, the product will just sit on top of your hair and not absorb as deeply which results in less effective styling.

When applying serum, make sure you use only a small amount – no bigger than two pumps should be used for short or medium-lengths styles. If you have longer locks then three pumps should suffice; any more than that can cause your hair to look limp due to an overload of product. You want to evenly spread the serum throughout each section of your head before combing through – this helps ensure even coverage and avoids any build up in certain areas.

Once applied, take a wide tooth comb and gently run it from root-to-tip so that all the strands are coated. This step ensures that every strand gets its full dose of goodness from whatever type of serum you’re using – whether it’s one designed for smoothing frizzies or adding shine & bounce! Depending on what type of finish you desire, blow dry your tresses after application for maximum effect; don’t forget about using heat protection sprays beforehand! For those who prefer air drying their manes instead, simply leave it alone until dry without touching too much as this may disrupt the styling process.

Using serums correctly can help give us beautiful bouncy curls or sleek straight looks depending what we desire; though they tend to work best when applied correctly – either way these products definitely deserve their place in our haircare toolkit!

Three Interesting Facts About Using Serum:
– When applying serum, start with damp hair and use only a small amount (no more than two to three pumps depending on the length of your hair).
– Spread the serum evenly throughout each section of your head before combing through.
– Use a wide tooth comb to run it from root-to-tip so that all strands are coated; then blow dry or air dry for desired finish.

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