Do Jade Rollers Really Work?

Jade rollers are all the rave right now in the makeup world, but the real question is do they actually work? While they are a fun addition to your skin care routine, some things that seem like good skin care might necessarily be. What is the purpose of this skin care tool, and is it worth the money to invest in one?  These are all questions that many people have asked, but not so many have given a solid answer on. Lucky for you, I am giving the answer to each of those questions.  

Although jade rolling is growing in popularity currently, this practice has existed for hundreds of years, so there is quite a bit of research to scour through to make the final consensus. The method originates from China, where we all know many well respected skin care routines originate from. I have gathered all the evidence and have everything you need to know on jade rolling do’s and don’ts right here in this article, so don’t go anywhere! 

What Does a Jade Roller Do? 

Before we know whether jade rolling works, we need to know what does a jade roller do? What are the logistics of using a jade roller? Jade rolling uses different types of stones or crystals normally that are rounded and rolled across the face at specific areas to increase circulation and drainage which depuffs your face. The most common stone is obviously jade hence “jade rolling”. 

You might have also heard of Gua Sha which is relatively the same concept, but a different shaped stone that doesn’t roll. The rollers are made of specific stones that highlight different things such as clarity, de-stress, and even calming your irritated skin. This included those who struggle from redness through rosacea and other skin conditions. 

The coldness of the roller also helps stop blood flow and push those areas to help drainage with lymph nodes. This creates the glow that we see all over social media after jade rolling. Due to this drainage, the skin looks more defined and sculpted. 

It also helps spread out product, so if you have long nails, don’t like wasting product on your hands, or want to concise your skin care steps down, try applying your product with a jade roller and see if you like the benefits! In theory, it is meant to evenly disperse the product without clumping or any mess. 

People also claim that shaping your face with jade rolling is possible. Anti aging against fine lines is a claim as well as removing double chins and even sharpening jaw lines are all said to be benefits of jade rolling. 

There are many more claims including the argument that the jade roller unclogs your pores, helping those prone to acne keep their skin clear and fresh. It also is said to help firmen your skin to bring the appearance of more youthful and vibrant skin. 

Does it Work? 

The bigger question to answer is are these claims true? All of these features are great in theory, but only if they actually work. From much research from beauty gurus to professional dermatologists with many in between as well as personal experience, I vouch that jade rolling does work. The biggest highlight of jade rolling is the depuffing and from the cold roller increasing circulation and draining fluid from the lymph nodes. 

While it does reduce puffiness and drainage, do not fall into the idea that it will actually reshape your face like many believe. This goes for Gua Sha as well. The reduced puffiness and drainage is temporary. As like anything, it will return if you do not continue the steps. So, while it is effective, it isn’t magic. Keep this in mind with expected results. 

As far as the specific crystals go, there are some benefits of certain types a tiny bit over others, but most of the crystal choice is only pleasing to the eye. Beware of marketing in this section as those that swear by a crazy expensive stone option over another jade roller might be exaggerating just a tad. 

While the majority of people agree to the depuffing, it isn’t strong enough to fully reach down into the face muscles to massage them for large results like many claim. The tool simply can’t reach down deep enough with its rolling technique. 

However, the final verdict by the majority of people including myself is that jade rolling overall does work, so it is definitely worth investing a rational amount of money and giving it a try! Just be sure when you do make the choice, that you read up on how to properly massage your face with it. The last thing we want is to add wrinkles and damage to our skin with something that is meant to take them away! Do your research and you should be depuffed and revived in no time! 

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