Do I put shampoo or conditioner first?

Shampoo should be used first, followed by conditioner.
This is the best way to achieve healthy, manageable hair. Shampoo is an important part of any haircare routine because it helps remove dirt and oils that accumulate on your scalp during the day. It also cleanses away product buildup from styling products or residue from other treatments like coloring or perms.

When you shampoo, start at the roots and work in a circular motion as you move towards the ends of your hair. Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards so all traces of shampoo are removed – leaving behind clean, refreshed strands with no residue. Afterward, it’s time for conditioner! Conditioner works by coating each strand with moisturizing ingredients that help protect against damage caused by heat styling and environmental factors like wind and humidity.

To get maximum benefits from conditioner, apply it to damp (not wet) mid-lengths and ends first before working up to the root area lastly (to avoid over-conditioning). Leave on for one minute before rinsing out completely with lukewarm water – this will ensure your scalp isn’t left feeling weighed down or greasy after use. Finally, finish off by using a wide tooth comb through damp locks to detangle knots without causing breakage or pulling too hard on delicate strands – this step is especially important if you have curly hair that tends to become easily tangled when wet!

• Shampoo helps remove dirt and oils from your scalp.
• When shampooing, work in a circular motion starting at the roots.
• Conditioner should be applied to damp mid-lengths and ends first before working up to root area lastly.

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