Cucumbers on Eyes: What are the Benefits?

Do you remember watching movies where women laid at spas with cucumber slices perfectly positioned over their eyes? Perhaps your esthetician places them over your eyelids during a facial. The cooling sensation is enough to help you drift into a much needed and relaxing power nap. 

While relaxation is one of the perks, there are other reasons to use cucumbers on your eyes.


What do cucumbers do for your eyes? Believe us, they offer more benefits than just a cute selfie. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are! 

What Do Cucumbers Do For Your Eyes? 

Why do people put cucumbers on their eyes? For starters, they offer a soothing effect. The cooling sensation lasts 10-15 minutes – enough to unwind after a long day. Besides the relaxing effects, studies have shown that cucumber juice reduces swelling, stimulates antioxidant activity, and soothes damaged skin. 

Here are some benefits to consider: 

1. Reduces Puffiness 

Cucumber juice has been used to nourish skin for decades. This fruit was used long ago in traditional Indian medicine. More recently, the idea of applying a face mask and then placing some cucumber slices on the eyes is that the chilled slices will work like a cold compress. This cool compress helps reduce eye puffiness.

2. Lessens the Appearance of Dark Circles

Another benefit is that cucumbers may help remove dark circles. This fruit has vitamin K which is great for dark circles under eyes. Because you can’t wear cucumbers on your eyes all day everyday, there are creams and lotions which will be more beneficial for dark circles than cucumber slices.

3. Hydration Boost 

If you have dry under-eyes, cucumber slices can help as they offer a tremendous hydration boost. The juice will moisturize your skin providing immensely beneficial to the eye area. When the cucumber slice starts to feel warm, flip it over to continue to enjoy the benefits.

How to Use Cucumber Slices on Your Eyes 

Using cucumber slices on the eyes is easy. Simply follow these X steps: 

1. Prep the Cucumbers 

Begin by chilling a couple slices of cucumber in the refrigerator. We enjoy having sliced cucumber in the fridge at all times. Not only are these slices great for our beauty routine, but they also taste great in water or as a healthy snack.

Note: You need each slice to be half an inch thick. 

2. Cleanse Your Skin 

Wash your face with some warm water and a gentle cleanser. You don’t want the cucumber juice to get mixed in with your makeup or mascara. After you cleanse it, pat it dry using a clean washcloth. 

3. Lay Down Somewhere Comfortable 

Find a place where you can comfortably lay undisturbed for 10-15 minutes. This can be your bedroom, in the bath, or outside on a hammock.

4. Apply the Cucumbers 

If you wish, apply your favorite face mask to your skin. Afterwards, place the cucumbers over your eyelids and relax. The natural juices and cooling sensation will take effect in a few seconds.

If the slices become warm, flip them over and enjoy the cooling sensation all over again.  This will help depuff eyes and help lessen the appearance of dark circles. You can leave them on for as long as you want or until the slices become warm.   

Alternatives to Cucumber Slices

If you prefer, there are some alternatives to using cucumber slices that you can buy. These include: 

  • Cucumber Eye Pads. You can get theses online or at beauty stores like Ulta. These are pads infused in cucumber. Many brands also infuse them with vitamin E to help reduce darkness


  • Soothing Eye Cream. You can also invest in some cucumber eye cream. This offers an easy way to apply the benefits of cucumber to your eyes and move on with your day. Many creams are infused with other ingredients other than cucumber. These can include green tea or spirulina extracts.


  • Under Eye Patches. These are sort of like eye pads except they go underneath your eye. They are squishy patches that feel cool once applied to the skin. You’ll receive the same benefits like depuffing eyes and lessening the appearance of dark circles with this product.


Cucumber slices are so much more than healthy snacks. Applying them to your eyes offers many benefits among them a brighter, dewier eye region. If you’re going to shop for an alternative, be sure to go with a well-known, quality brand. 

Now that you know the benefits of applying cucumbers to your eyes, go out there and try it for yourself! 

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