Are Magnetic Lashes Safe To Use?

Magnetic lashes were invented in 2014 by Katy Stoka, the founder of One Two Cosmetics. They eliminate the need to use tacky glue when applying falsies, yet they still give us that dramatic look we’ve all come to love. 

I’ve been using magnetic falsies for a couple of years now and have really become a fan. They are easy to use, but what drew me in the most was how they don’t require tacky glue. At first, I was very skeptical, my main concern being: are magnetic lashes safe? 

I’ll cover this and more within this guide, so read on, beautiful!

What are Magnetic Eyelashes? 

Magnetic eyelashes are falsies that cling around the natural lashes through the use of magnets. Because they cling to each other through the use of magnets, not glue, the final look is often more dramatic and voluminous than their glue counterparts.

How Are They Worn? 

There are two ways to wear these lashes: 

  • Sandwich Method. This method offers a blanket for your natural lashes. Your lash kit will come with two magnetic strips per lash. To apply, you’ll need to sandwich your natural lashes between both strips. It’s that easy!
  • Magnetic Eyeliner. This method requires applying magnetic eyeliner to the lash line, letting it dry for 20 seconds, and then applying the falsies. Personally, if you’ve never applied eyeliner, this may be a little difficult. On the brightside, with enough practice, you’ll nail down that winged liner look and then easily accessorize it with some falsies.

Click here for a complete guide on how to apply magnetic lashes.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe? 

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: How safe are magnetic lashes? The answer is… very! They are safe to use and a better alternative to traditional falsies because they don’t require using harsh and sometimes irritating glues. Plus, the easy application makes them easier on your natural lashes and offers less room for error. 

The Potential Risks of Magnetic Lashes 

We’ve established they are safe to use, but can magnetic lashes be harmful to the eyes? It depends. Just like anything else, there are potential risks, the most common ones being: 

  • Irritation
  • Allergic reaction
  • Lash fallout 
  • Pinching your eyelid when applying 
  • Eyelid fatigue 

To avoid these effects, do thorough research on the pair of falsies you purchase. Read reviews and follow application instructions. Also, if you plan on having an MRI done, do NOT wear your magnetic lashes. This scan uses a magnetic field and could cause complications or injury if other magnets are present.

What About Magnetic Eyeliner? 

Yes, magnetic eyeliner is completely safe. The FDA has approved it for use around the eyes as long as the ingredients involved meet the FDA requirements for eye cosmetics. For your peace of mind, know that the formula for this eyeliner is the same as normal eyeliner except it contains a higher level of iron oxide.

If you’re sensitive to certain metals, perform a patch text on your skin before applying the liner to your eyelids. To do this, apply some eyeliner to the underside of your forearm. If you don’t have any negative reactions, it’s safe to apply it to your eyelids.

The Removal Process  

Removing these falsies is easy, but it must be done carefully to avoid any damage to your natural lashes. If you used the sandwich application, pry the top magnet away from the bottom ones using clean hands. Don’t ever try and pull both at once – this can pull out lashes or cause damage to the lash follicle. 

If you use magnetic eyeliner, remove your eye makeup using an oil-based remover. Gently wipe away the eyeliner. The magnetic eyelashes will fall off on their own. To reuse your lashes, wash them with gentle soap or micellar water. This will prolong their lifespan. 

Safety Tips For Using Magnetic Eyelashes 

To maintain your natural lashes eyes safe, experts recommend following these safety tips when using magnetic eyelashes: 

  • If the product irritates your eyes, stop use immediately
  • Don’t wear false eyelashes if you have an eye infection
  • Do a magnetic eyeliner patch test on your forearm prior to using 
  • Wash your hands before applying falsies
  • Wash your hands before removing falsies 
  • Avoid touching your eyes and eyelids throughout the day 
  • Clean lashes before and after wearing them
  • Don’t share your falsies or eyeliner with anyone 
  • Don’t use expired eyeliner; throw it out and buy a new one
  • Don’t wear fake eyelashes every day. Give your natural lashes a break between wear sessions. This will let them rest and breathe.

Should You Wear Magnetic Lashes?

If you’re looking for a glue alternative, magnetic lashes may just be for you. They are easy to apply and application depends on the type of lashes you have: you’ll either have to apply using the sandwich method or magnetic eyeliner. And, best of all, they are safe. They offer a better alternative to glued on lashes since your eyes won’t have to deal with harsh, irritating glues. 

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